ASA upholds complaints against Rodial website


Glamtox Sticks and Glamoxy Snake Serum testimonials judged ‘misleading’

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has judged that two claims featured on Rodial’s website should not appear again in their current form. Viewed on 14 September 2011, one webpage was headed ‘Glamtox Sticks £48’ and was accompanied by text stating: “They are rich in collagen peptides (natural bioactive protein) that trigger the synthesis of new collagen fibers [sic]… Prevents the formation of deep wrinkles by maintaining optimum amount of collagen in the dermis… I am already on my fourth pack! I love them, I used to have a deep set wrinkle on my forhead [sic] but the sticks have really diminished it! So pleased! – Shana”.

Meanwhile, text on a second webpage, headed ‘Glamoxy Snake Serum £127’, read: “Glamoxy snake serum helps relax expression lines with a unique combination of snake venom-like peptides and oxygen. The revolutionary oxygenated, viper-inspired serum contains syn-ake; a neuro peptide that mimics the effects of the Temple Viper’s potent venom to instantly lift the face, freeze muscles and plump fine lines and wrinkles… Encourages cell respiration to fill and plump skin, whilst adding instant radiance… Not only does this wonder serum temporarily freeze your face muscles, it also instantly lifts the skin and smoothes out fine lines… It’s like botox in a bottle!!! I love the serum, I noticed that my wrinkles faded within a few weeks of using it. Love it! – Jennifer.”

The complainant challenged whether the claims were misleading and could be substantiated and in response Rodial Ltd said thy would remove the testimonials from their website.

The ASA upheld the complaint as although Rodial had maintained in their response that the testimonials would be removed they remained online. It also noted that a number of efficacy claims were not testimonials, but were included in the ‘product description’ section. The authority considered that the claims and testimonials suggested that the Glamtox Sticks would prevent or remove the formation of deep wrinkles and the Glamoxy Snake Serum would smooth out fine lines and remove wrinkles “within a few weeks”. However, no documentary evidence was supplied in support of the efficacy claims and because of this it concluded that the adverts were likely to mislead.