Iberchem debuts auction of artworks created at Beauty World Middle East

Published: 25-Nov-2022

All profits will be donated to the NGO SOS Children Villages Spain

The show might be over, but Iberchem’s fragrance concept “Fusion” is not over yet. Until the 24 th of December, the now famous artworks of award-wining artist Sonu Sultania created during the show will be auctioned to charity. People can now participate in the auction through the Nasij website, an online platform for emerging artists in the UAE. Each artwork will be sold with the corresponding fragrance created by the perfumers of Iberchem.

Fusion: painting and fragrances

At Beauty World Middle East 2022, Iberchem presented its new concept “Fusion: Artistic Synthesis”, a collaboration with award-winning Indian artist Sonu Sultania. During the three days of the show, she created a total of six artworks live on stand which were inspired by the fragrances developed by the perfumers of Iberchem.

At the end of the auction, Iberchem will contact the highest bidder for each artwork. The fragrance house will donate all profits to the NGO SOS Aldeas Infantiles with whom it has previously collaborated on different occasions.

“It was a real pleasure to work with Sonu,” says Ana Gomez, perfumer for Iberchem in the Middle East. “Artistic Synthesis is an effective method to explore new facets of any art form, in my case perfumery. It was the first time that I could actually “see” one of my fragrances. It was an enriching experience that certainly had an impact on my vision of perfumery and my creative process. Also, I can’t think of a better event to present this project than Beauty World Middle East, where all fragrances from all around the world gather.”

“For future generations to thrive is a key element of our sustainability programme" says Guillaume Audy, Director of Sustainability at Iberchem. “We value the education of future generations, for them to fulfil any career path they dream of, be it to become a perfumer or a visual artist. This is why Aldeas Infantiles was the perfect NGO to work with for this project.”

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