Iberchem joins the board of The National Perfume Academy

Published: 27-Jul-2021

The immediate incorporation of the fragrance house was approved during a reunion of The Perfume Academy Foundation

Iberchem has announced it is joining the Board of Spain’s National Perfume Academy (Academia Del Perfume). The Academy consists of 20 of the most important firms and companies in the fragrance and perfume industry of the country. The nomination was officialised during the Academy’s latest Summit that took place at the University of Alcalá. At the occasion, nine new perfumers were added to the circle of academics. Iberchem’s Head Perfumer, Luz Vaquero, together with the company’s CFO, José Balibrea, attended the event. The summit ended with a visit to the lavender fields of Brihuega, considered by many as the Provence of Spain.

Ramón Fernández, founding partner and CEO of the Iberchem Group, will act as the company’s representative on the Academy’s Board of Trustees. "Iberchem is strongly committed to promote the culture of perfume and fragrances internationally," said Mr Fernández. "Joining the Board of the National Perfume Academy was the natural way for Iberchem to join forces with other institutions of our country sharing the same principles of caring for and giving prestige to the world of fragrances. We have a profound respect for the work of the Academy, where creativity, arts and fragrances go hand in hand. We firmly believe that Iberchem can contribute to their mission to promote the talent of the Spanish fragrance industry."

"The Perfume Academy is pleased to see a leading company such as Iberchem joining our Board of Trustees, which represents the excellence of the national production of fragrances and essential oils, as well as an impeccable global and international vision," declared Val Díez, Vice President and Executive Director of the Perfume Academy. "We are sure that their contribution will be valuable to the Academy. We are very excited to start working together and with the rest of the companies that make up our Board."

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