Kao proves highly occlusive formula effective as lip balm

By Becky Bargh | 6-Jul-2020

The new development, consisting of common oil and wax, was found to improve lip smoothness

The maker of Molton Brown and Kanebo Cosmetics, Kao, has developed a new lip care formula that was found to ‘greatly improve’ lip roughness.

To prove its effectiveness, the highly occlusive lip balm – consisting of common oil and wax – was tested on 20 Japanese female subjects who had concerns about dry lips.

The results showed that after two to four weeks, participants that used the new formula had a reduced roughness and wrinkle score.

Meanwhile, participants’ hollow index was also ‘significantly improved’ after four weeks of applying the new formula.

“No deep vertical wrinkles or dents observed,” read the study.

“Although lip balm is generally used for lip care, improvement effects based on its occlusivity characteristics have not been previously revealed,” concluded Kao.

“The present results clarified that the occlusive property of coating film has great effects to improve lip roughness.”

The firm added that it would apply these findings to develop new lip products.

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