Lush – putting ethics at the core


Simon Constantine and Hilary Jones talk to Kathleen Armstrong about the brand\'s ethical strategy

UK naturals brand Lush combines ethical sourcing with raising awareness about environmental, human rights and other issues. Head of Ethical Buying Simon Constantine and Ethics Director Hilary Jones talk to Cosmetic News Weekly about the brand’s strategy and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

What is Lush’s strategy for ethical sourcing?

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To be regenerative. It’s no longer feasible for business to just reduce its negative impact – we need to have positive and meaningful relationships with people and our environment. Our criteria is wide ranging and involves three basics: does it help people, does it benefit the environment and what does it cost us all. We look for excellent quality and also want to encourage best practice. This can involve discovering things we don’t like about ingredients which we take action on or establishing and supporting projects which are beyond fairtrade.


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