Munapsys awarded with the First Prize at the 17th European BSB Innovation Award

Sponsored by LipoTrue

LipoTrue has received the 2019 BSB Innovation First Prize for Munapsys for the Most Innovative Raw Material in the cosmetic Active’s category at in -cosmetics Global 2019 by the independent BSB – Beratungs- and Servicebuero Dr. Riedel e.K. (Dr. Riedel Consulting Services Agency).

Nowadays, in the cosmetic market there are ingredients acting in the pre-synaptic pathway or in the post-synaptic one.

Munapsys is more than a botulinum-toxin like peptide being the first active ingredient in the cosmetic industry to act both in the pre- and post-synaptic pathways in muscle contraction and in a new protein (munc-18)key for the assembly of the SNARE complex.

Munapsys mechanism is a realupgrade in the expression lines field with proven outstanding efficacy compared witha benchmark combination even at a lower dose.

The BSB Innovation Award was presented to LipoTrue on April 2, 2019, during in-cosmetics Global in Paris.

About BSB Innovation Award

The BSB Innovation Prize has been awarded annually by Beratungs- und Servicebüro Dr. Riedel (Dr. Riedel Consulting Services Agency). The winners are selected by an independent, international jury consisting of prestigious representatives of the cosmetics industry.

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