Neutrogena reveals first ever personalised skin care product

By Austyn King 7-Jan-2019

The Neutrogena MaskiD uses data from the brand's Skin 360 analysis tool to create a custom sheet mask tailored to the individual's face shape and skin needs

Neutrogena reveals first ever personalised skin care product

Skin care brand Neutrogena is releasing its first ever personalised sheet mask, aiming to address consumers' unique skin care needs.

A 3D-printed sheet mask, Neutrogena MaskiD pairs with the Johnson & Johnson-owned brand's Skin 360 skin care analysis tool to provide tailor made results, adjusting to fit the shape of the users' face and their skin type.

Consumers can take a selfie with their smartphone 3D camera to create a map of their face, including the exact measurements and shape of their nose, eyes, lips and other characteristics.

Said to conform to every contour of the face, the hydrogel mask features purified hyaluronic acid to moisturise skin; vitamin B3 to help improve dullness and discolouration; vitamin C for healthier and brighter-looking skin; glucosamine to exfoliate and reduce the appearance of fine lines; and feverfew to help reduce the appearance of redness.

Personalised data from the Skin 360 app is then used to determine which ingredients will be the most beneficial for which areas of the face, creating a custom-made mask to address the user's specific skin care needs.

The mask is customised to six zones of the user's face

The mask is customised to six zones of the user's face

Dr Michael Southall, Global R&D Lead at Johnson & Johnson Consumer, said: "Neutrogena is already globally recognized for delivering topical skin care solutions at the nexus of science and technology.

"Neutrogena MaskiD marks one step towards a new model of product development where we find innovative uses for the latest technology, such as digital imaging, skin analysis and 3D printing, to give consumers new ways to achieve their best skin ever."

The brand is set to unveil the mask at the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) in Las Vegas, US, next week, where it has previously debuted innovations such as its Light Therapy acne treatment mask as well as the Skin 360 analysis app.

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Due for release in the US later this year, consumers can join the waiting list to be the first to try the product now at