Perfect365’s new virtual make-up tool will help MUAs achieve a more personalised look

By Becky Bargh 11-Jun-2020

The Magic Brush Pro is designed to achieve multi-tone eyeshadow shades and two-tone lip colours

Augmented reality developer Perfect365 has revealed a virtual make-up feature on its app targeted at make-up artists.

The Magic Brush Pro tool is designed to accentuate different colours on the face, hair and body, as well as the background.

This includes adding an eyeshadow shade, multi-tone eyebrows, two-tone lips and contour and highlight.

According to Perfect365, the application allows the user to customise multiple colours and adjust or blend these shades in order to achieve a personalised look.

“We are excited to unveil the new Magic Brush Pro tool,” said Joseph Lagare, Perfect365’s Digital Media Specialist.

“We have taken user feedback and incorporated changes to create a tool that provides unlimited customisation for the Perfect365 pro user, as well as make-up artists.

“We are excited to be able to offer Perfect365’s new Makeup Brush Pro as a tool for make-up and beauty lovers everywhere to do what they do best.”

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Consumers can purchase the tool for US$4.99.