Shiseido taps into Nintendo’s Animal Crossing to connect consumers

By Becky Bargh 18-Sep-2020

For the Japanese brand’s new ‘Camellia’ project it is asking customers to video themselves playing the game to feature in a new film

Beauty brand Shiseido is tapping into the world of Nintendo Switch’s Animal Crossing with a new film project.

As part of the ‘Camellia’ project, the Japanese brand is inviting users to film themselves playing the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game and submit videos to the brand’s Twitter handle.

Shiseido will then select a number of videos to appear in the film.

The initiative has launched as part of the brand’s With One Another. Without Limits. Our Future Is campaign, which aims to connect consumers from around the world during the coronavirus pandemic.

“This project will seek to connect people and help them overcome barriers by bringing fans around the world together for an in-game video recording project,” the brand said in a press statement.

“We seek to express the true beauty that lies beyond the ‘limits and expectations’ that hinders the diversity of beauty present in all genders, ages, nationalities and more with the free world of Animal Crossing,” it continued.

Since the coronavirus pandemic forced consumers to spend more time at home the game has been a massive hit with consumers.

Last month, P&G-owned shaving brand Venus also tapped into the game for its summer campaign.

For the initiative, Venus hired digital designer Nicole Cuddihy to create a diverse line-up of avatars.

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This included characters with freckles, acne, body hair and vitiligo.