Superdrug and P&G team up to bring smiles back to children with cleft palates

By Austyn King | Published: 7-Sep-2022

The retailer and brand owner will donate 10p for every Oral-B product sold to provide children with essential surgery and care in partnership with Operation Smile

Superdrug has teamed up with P&G to support children with mouth cleft conditions, in partnership with charity Operation Smile.

From today until 4 October, the retailer and brand owner will donate 10p to the charity for every Oral-B product sold in-store and online, which will go towards providing surgery and care for children with the condition.

Cleft lip or cleft palate is a condition that occurs early in pregnancy when the tissue in the baby's mouth or lip area does not join together properly, causing the appearance of a narrow opening or gap in the skin of the upper lip, or the roof of the mouth.

If untreated, cleft conditions can lead to problems with eating, dental problems, hearing loss and speech difficulties, while children with the conditions may also struggle with social stigma and isolation, finding it difficult to find jobs, make friends and form a community, according to Operation Smile.

The donations from Superdrug and P&G will go towards providing essential surgeries and care for children with cleft conditions, including nutrition, orthodontics, speech therapy and psychological support.

More on Superdrug:

“We are so pleased that we can team up with Oral-B to make such a difference to young lives around the world,” said Laura Wilkinson, Head of Trading in Personal Care at Superdrug.

“We hope that this year’s campaign continues to raise awareness and money to help even more children live a life without social stigma and get the much needed surgery and comprehensive care that they need.”

The A.S. Watson-owned retailer has donated £33,800 – the equivalent of 225 cleft surgeries – to the charity over the last three years of its ongoing partnership.

“As a long-standing partner of Operation Smile, Superdrug has already made huge strides in helping children around the world who are suffering with cleft conditions,” said Mairead O'Callaghan, Executive Director at Operation Smile.

“The Oral-B and Superdrug campaign will make a hugely positive contribution to our vision of a world where no child lacks access to health and dignity through safe surgery.”

Superdrug and P&G will donate 5p each for every Oral-B product sold until 4 October, across its oral care range including electric toothbrushes, toothpaste and flossing products.

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