6 ways beauty has harnessed the quiet marketing power of ASMR

By Sarah Parsons 1-Oct-2019

The YouTube trend has created a new class of influencers, with millions of views and subscribers, for cosmetics brands to discover

ASMR helps to trigger pleasant sensations that travel down the spine

Videos that use rustling, crinkling and tapping sounds to trigger tingling sensations may seem odd, but these specialist vloggers have become a global phenomenon and mesmerised millions of beauty fans.

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a corner of the internet where content creators whisper, tap bottles and brush microphones, or develop role play situations, to help viewers relax.

Although research is limited, the (non-sexual) medium aims to evoke a tingling sensation on the scalp or spine, and practitioners claim it can ease stress, anxiety and chronic pain, as well as support relaxation and sleep.

The trend took off ...

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