Complaint lodged over claims made by Harley Street acne clinic

By Lucy Tandon Copp 23-Aug-2018

Online claims made on The Laser Treatment Clinic's website have been ruled by the UK advertising watchdog as misleading

Claims and before-and-after photos posted online by a Harley Street laser treatment clinic have been ruled in breach of advertising regulations.

The UK watchdog ASA was alerted to The Laser Treatment Clinic's website by a complainant, who challenged whether claims that the clinic's laser treatments could treat acne, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and rosacea were misleading.

They also questioned whether before-and-after images on the website exaggerated the effects that could be achieved with treatment.

The clinic defended its position providing evidence that it believed proved the efficacy of the claims, including a clinical trial summary, three clinical trials and one systematic review.

It also said the images used online were used by "many" of their competitors and were indicative of the kind of results achievable with treatment.

After investigating, the ASA however upheld both of the complaints and said: "We considered that we had not seen sufficient evidence to substantiate that the treatment offered by The Laser Treatment Clinic could treat acne, PIH or rosacea, which was how consumers were likely to understand the claims."

It also noted that it had not seen any evidence to prove that the images used were genuine and said it believed consumers would understand that they were.

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As a result of the ruling, The Laser Treatment Clinic was told that the ads in question must not appear again in the form complained about.