Lush releases 34-track album in collaboration with ECC Records

The compilation album took three years to produce and is titled The Self Preservation Society

Lush has unveiled a new compilation vinyl album in collaboration with ECC Records titled The Self Preservation Society.

The album has been curated by Lush co-founder and Managing Director, Mark Constantine OBE.

It features 34 versions of songs from the late 1960s and early 1970s in a diverse mix of progressive, folk and psychedelic moments from the era.

The album features a diverse mix of artists and genres

Constantine said: “These are tracks from a period of time when my friends and I were experimenting by listening to everything from West Coast bands like The Byrds to classically-inspired groups such as The Nice.

“Each track has had the deluxe treatment from a collection of great individuals, bands and producers.

“The result means a great deal to me, and I can’t stop listening to it.”

The triple vinyl album with companion USB is available at Lush shops nationwide and from