Iberchem presenting a conceptual experience at Beautyworld Middle East


At the Beautyworld Middle East exhibition, which is taking place in Dubai from 15-17 April, fragrance house Iberchem is presenting the conceptual experience CINEMATIK.

With CINEMATIK, visitors are invited to discover a new collection of fragrances inspired by 'Septième Art' and presented using a variety of applications and original props from the movie.

Presenting five classics of modern cinema, the fragrances were created for the occasion by the perfumers of Iberchem. From a secret agent's briefcase to the eggs of a velociraptor, many surprises await the visitors.

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"Iberchem is all about creativity, so we wanted to give the audience the opportunity to experience our fragrances in a way more original than simply spraying it on a blotter," said Guillaume Audy, Corporate Communication Manager at Iberchem. "As demonstrated last year with our "360 VR" concept where we paired our fragrances with virtual reality, nowadays most people want more than just a fragrance. As a sensorial trigger, the audience is looking for innovative ways to discover them and this is what CINEMATIK is all about."

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