England footballer Dele Alli scores collaboration with Paco Rabanne for #whosthegod campaign

Consumers who enter the brand’s new competition are in with a chance to meet the Spurs midfielder

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Perfect365 collaborates with US beauty show The Look: All Stars

The AR beauty platform is set to release make-up looks on its app every week before the show airs

L’Oréal receives complaint over Maybelline mascara TV advert

The ad for Maybelline New York’s Total Temptation mascara was challenged regarding whether it was misleading to viewers

Unilever ditches fake influencers and outdated stereotypes in marketing shake-up

The Anglo-Dutch cosmetics brand-owner is attempting to tackle fraudulent influences and expand its Unstereotype ...

American beauty: The stateside brands taking the world by storm

Even before social media brought cult Made-in-America brands to the international stage, the US had long been one of ...

Kari Gran rebrands original Lip Whip collection

To mark the relaunch the brand has also released a new shade Rosie Gold

Tisserand is first out of the gate with new Ascot collaboration

The new design by Biles Hendry is said to evoke the image of the rush of the races and the prestigious Royal Ascot ...

Sleeping beauty: Brands that help consumers catch a full 8 hours

Part of the wellness trend in beauty and personal care, sleep beauty has grown from a novelty into a thriving category. ...

YUNI Beauty unveils ‘smart’ packaging for hero products

The natural and sustainable brand is using NFC technology to bring digital experiences to consumers

Tarte Cosmetics upgrades digital experience for ‘tartelettes’

The make-up brand has partnered with Lyons Consulting Group to enhance its website

The new fragrance paradigm: Consumers seek individualism and authenticity

A seismic shift is taking place in perfumery, heralding a new era of creativity, development and consumer attitudes ...

Cosmetics Business reveals the 5 biggest ways AI is transforming beauty in new Trend Report

Artificial Intelligence is being hailed as the invention that will change the world. Here's how it is reshaping the ...

Why beauty influencers are creating a regulatory ‘wild west’

Influencers have weaved their way into marketing strategies, but what risks do they create for brands – and what is ...

Seymourpowell reveals personalised beauty AI concept Mespoke

The service analyses big data on weather, trends and more to deliver bespoke beauty product selections based on insight ...

71% of consumers are happiest online when shopping

Study finds that feeling ‘happy’ and ‘excited’ are the most common emotions linked with online shopping