Infernal devices: Can the cosmetics industry fight fake electronics?

Cosmetics Business investigates how beauty devices makers can best protect their brands, fans and revenues from black market operators

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MPs put pressure on UK government to address lack of injectables regulations

A dedicated Parliamentary Group published a report following a year-long inquiry into the lack of legal framework ...

J&J explores plan to offload talc liabilities into bankruptcy

Plaintiffs with outstanding payouts could receive less money from the conglomerate if it goes ahead with the move

J&J recalls Neutrogena and Aveeno sunscreens after traces of carcinogen found

The five aerosol sprays containing the cancer-causing ingredient have been pulled from retailers

Reduce scarring before it occurs

A groundbreaking new study demonstrates how treating skin with a vegan scar cream a week before surgery is clinically ...

Kardashian sisters triumph over former beauty partner with multi-million dollar payout

Licensor of TV reality stars’ Kardashian Beauty ordered to pay out $13.5m in royalties

ASA names and shames social media influencers for disregarding ad rules

Chloe Ferry, Chloe Khan, Jodie Marsh and Lucy Mecklenburgh have been called out for misleading consumers by failing to ...

Inaugural Cosmetics Business Live attracts 1,600 attendees

The personal care and beauty community turned up for 30 hours of content across five days

Burt’s Bees accused of deceiving customers over ‘natural’ pet shampoo claims

Plaintiff argued that an abundance of ingredients in the ‘99.7% natural’ were man made and that they could be ...

Belarus bans sale of Nivea cosmetics

In reaction to sanctions imposed on the country, Belarus’ disputed leader has banned three major German companies, ...

What does having ‘radiant’ skin mean and does the claim have substance?

Ayton Global Research's Carys Smith and Victoria Stoate reveal how you can legitimately make skin care claims about ...

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The week-long event will provide a 360° view of the current state of the cosmetics and personal care industry

Is the lipstick effect over? IP activity and what it indicates

What does IP activity tell us about the state of the cosmetics and personal care market, and what do you need to know ...

Face the filter: The future of ethics and beauty AR social media technology

Regulations addressing the use of filters in advertising are sparse. Fortunately, things are beginning to change, but ...

Cosmetics Business Live on-demand until August for ticket holders

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