On the right track: Apps for consumers' skin care journeys

Living in lockdown means many of us have switched our attention from bold make-up looks to perfecting our complexions, so it’s little wonder that tracking apps, which tell consumers whether their unguents are working or their filler is due for a top up, are taking up more space on the beauty apps scene

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Yves Rocher faces boycott over involvement in Alexei Navalny case

The French beauty giant is in hot water with consumers following the imprisonment of the Kremlin critic

Yes To ordered to pay out $775k to complainants of ‘burning’ face mask

The brand’s Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask was recalled in January last year due to customer ...

Johnson & Johnson pushes for false ‘oil-free’ ad claim to be thrown out

The plaintiff has accused the beauty giant of using oils in formulas that are marketed as ‘oil-free’, but has ...

New China regulations: Can your beauty brand benefit from new cosmetics claims rules?

The introduction of China’s CSAR means cosmetics companies now need to provide scientific evidence for any marketing ...

Beauty’s seal of approval: The latest eco-certifications providing a framework for beauty businesses

Beauty needs biodiversity – its richness and variety has helped develop the category for hundreds of years, but over- ...

France becomes first EU country to bypass China animal tests on ‘ordinary’ cosmetics imports

French cosmetics manufacturers can now obtain a certificate of conformity allowing them to import certain cruelty-free ...

Revealed: The full agenda for Cosmetics Business Live

The week-long event will provide a 360° view of the current state of the cosmetics and personal care industry

Cosmetics Business Live tickets to go on sale next week!

The big picture of cosmetics today – you’re invited to join the discussion

Kao research opens door for better understanding of wrinkle formation

New technology shows how skin structure changes at various levels can impact the appearance

ISO sunscreen water resistance: A refined method

Two sunscreen water resistance procedures were published by ISO in 2020. Here, Dr Marc Pissavini, Research Director at ...

Cosmetics Business Live tickets now on sale!

The much-anticipated event will take place on 10-14 May and includes a host of big industry names

Will the EU’s chemicals plan lead to harmless products being banned?

Cosmetics representatives fear the European Commissions’ Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability could hamper ...

‘Excessive’ levels of allergen fragrances found in EU cosmetics

More than 40% of perfumes were found to contain the allergy-inducing compounds, while beauty samples marketed as ...

Will Covid-19 cause 2021 to see the biggest boom in counterfeit cosmetics?

As the pandemic forced consumers to purchase their beauty products online, in turn creating opportunity for the makers ...

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