Ex-L'Oréal exec launches new birch sap and fungus skin care brand

Containing the 'mushroom of immortality', new brand S[ae]ve has been designed to repair and nourish skin

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T-Zone appoints influencers for new metallic face mask range

Danny De Freitas, Thuy Lee, Sal and Ling KT will front the brand's latest product launch

Burt's Bees sensitive skin product range backed by Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

The line of nature-based sensitive skin care products was shown to be more effective at maintaining a healthy skin ...

Awakening Asian skin with CREEKHEAL

CREEKHEAL® presents the perfect fusion of Taiwanese know-how and nourishment for a skin repair regimen like no other

Understanding the effects of skin care for the world of tomorrow

The Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference 2018 presented expert research tackling contemporary issues in skin ageing

Skin care sales reach all time high as K-beauty boosts category

British consumers' taste for all things Korean beauty has bolstered the £1.15bn industry

59% of UK consumers do not support a ban on wet wipes

Wet wipes are a major polluter of waterways and contribute to the creation of 'fatbergs'

Beauty down below: Why vulvas and scrotums are the current 'it regions' in skin care

From pubic hair oils to scrotum cleansers, the beauty industry is leaving its prudish ways behind as it embraces the ...

75% of US consumers are unaware of the impact of pollution on their skin

The latest survey from skin care brand CeraVe reveals how those living in cities are most at risk

QMS Medicosmetics on UK expansion trail following BlueGem acquisition

The German skin care brand will open its first permanent treatment room in Liberty of London this year

Skin care analysis: Why catering for 'Asian skin' is limiting

Skin scientist and clinician Steventon argues that it is limiting to view Asian skin care and indeed Asian consumers’ ...

No ifs or butts: 7 brands taking booty beauty to the next level

From butt masking to enhancement products, Cosmetics Business highlights the brands looking at beauty from the behind

American beauty: The stateside brands taking the world by storm

Even before social media brought cult Made-in-America brands to the international stage, the US had long been one of ...

L'Oréal acquires vegan beauty company Logocos Naturkosmetik

The French cosmetics giant snaps up the German company's portfolio including vegan beauty brands Logona and Sante

Beauty start-up dermoi! launches world-first mobile facial treatment service

The UK-based company is offering facial treatments for specific skin care concerns from pigmentation to anti-ageing